Welcome to Bainton & Ashton Parish Council Website

In these rapidly changing times, the council is taking advice on (not) holding meetings and still making decisions as the council is a heavily regulated public body.

Bear with us in the meantime. Many local events will obviously be cancelled.

In addition, the council is working on collating a system of volunteers to help people who need it. Please click here for details.

Take care.

We hope residents will find this web site informative and useful as a source of information for matters relevant to the operations of the local council and the running of the village.

Parish Councils are not connected, as many think, to the church. They are the lowest level of Government providing local contact with residents and liaising with district and city councils.

The members of the council are volunteers and unpaid but still perform a valuable and important role in the running of villages and communities.

Not all communities or villages are part of a parish, although under English law any community may apply to become a parish.

Elsewhere in the web site the various powers and duties of the Parish Council are described for your information.

Photograph showing exterior of Bainton Church

Link to Wikipedia article on parish councils in England.