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Reporting police non-emergencies online

Non-emergency situations can now be reported to the police online if people would rather do so than call 101.

In October last year Cambridgeshire Constabulary re-launched their website with added functionality to report non-emergencies via specially designed forms or a live webchat.

The live webchat option enables people to communicate directly with a member of staff in the control room, just as would be the case when calling 101. Online forms are processed in the same way as a call and the person reporting can expect a response within 24 hours.

Due to the high level of demand there are often queues when calling 101. Reporting online is quick, easy and free of charge.

Superintendent James Sutherland said: “In the digital age people are doing more and more online. I’m pleased that our website now has increased capability to allow people to contact us in this way.


“The system went through a thorough testing process and has been used successfully thousands of times since being introduced.


“Feedback from a recent survey suggested that some people wanted to communicate directly with a person rather than submitting an online form. The webchat function allows people to do exactly that.


“Reports submitted online are treated in the same way as when people call 101 and will receive the same outcome.”


To view the online reporting section of the constabulary’s website visit The live webchat function is available by clicking on the green icon on the bottom right of the page.

Peterborough Rural crime and information update – November 2017

Please find enclosed reported crime and incidents of note during the month of November 2017. This report is intended to inform Parish Councils and their communities of issues they should be aware of and will not include incidents such as domestic violence, shoplifting or personal assault for example.

TFMV = Theft from Motor Vehicle            TOMV = Theft of Motor Vehicle        UK = Unknown

Deeping Gate, Etton, Maxey, Northborough (crimes and incidents of note)

  • Maxey, Perkins Lane – 11-14/11/17 – Interference with a motor vehicle – wheel nuts loosened on van which lead to tyre coming off, no injury caused.
  • Northborough, Church St – 7/11/17 – Criminal Damage – UK persons causing damage to school grounds.
  • Northborough, Etton Rd -1/11/17 –TFMV – various items stolen from boot. Entry via smashing front car window.

Ailsworth, Castor, Glinton, Marholm, Sutton, Thornhaugh, Wansford, Wittering and Upton (crimes and incidents of note)

  • Ailsworth, Helpston Rd – 4/11/17 – TFMV – window smashed, high value items stolen from boot.
  • Ailsworth, Helpston Rd – 5/11/17 – TFMV – window smashed and purse stolen from under front seat.
  • Ailsworth, Helpston Rd – 13-14/11/17 – Business Burglary – Tack shed broken into, generator and other tools stolen.
  • Bretton, King Henry Chase – 29/11/17 – TFMV – car parked outside home address has had laptop stolen from inside.
  • Castor, Ferry Hill – 3/11/17 – TFMV – Front window smashed and a bag containing clothing stolen from inside.
  • Glinton, Helpston Rd – 15/11/17 – Theft – mobile phone and debit card stolen from the table in school dining hall.
  • Glinton, Oak Rd – 18-19/11/17 – Residential Burglary – Garage door forced, entry gained and items stolen.
  • Glinton, Lincoln Rd – 28/11/17– Criminal Damage – UK offender has thrown stones from side of road, causing damage to a passing vehicle.
  • Glinton, Lincoln Rd – 28/11/17– Criminal Damage – UK offender has thrown stones from side of road, causing damage to a vehicle driving past.
  • Marholm, Stamford Rd – 13-14/11/17 – Business Burglary- Padlock removed to brick built lock up, nothing taken.
  • Milton Ferry Bridge – 3/11/17 – TFMV – window smashed and rear seats pulled forward to gain access to boot and property removed.
  • Sutton, Graeme Rd – 3/11/17 – Criminal Damage – UK male offenders on off road bikes, have caused damage to a gate in rural location
  • Thornhaugh, Great North Rd – 13-14/11/17 – Theft – A rabbit stolen from a locked, secure enclosure.
  • Thornhaugh, Great North Rd – 28/11/17 – Theft- Mobile phone stolen from place of work.
  • Wansford, Kings Cliffe Rd – 09/11/17 – TFMV – Window smashed, items stolen from a bag inside.
  • Wansford A47/A1 – 30/11/17 – TFMV – Diesel has been stolen from a DAF lorry parked in layby.
  • Wittering, St Georges Close– 03/11/17 – Theft from a person – Offender whilst on a bus has attempted to steal luggage from luggage rack.
  • Wittering, Lale Walk – 14/11/17 – Criminal Damage – Tool has been pushed into the lock, disabling the mechanism.
  • Wittering, Lale Walk – 15/11/17 – TFMV – Power tools stolen from a locked/secured van parked outside house. 

Ashton, Bainton, Barnack, Helpston, Pilsgate, Southery Woods and Ufford (crimes and incidents of note reported) 

  • Barnack, Walcot Rd – 1/11/17 – TFMV – items stolen from parked vehicle.
  • Barnack, Walcot Rd – 28/11/17 – Theft – Offenders have stolen keys and used Tea and Coffee at the Bowls club
  • Helpston, Woodgate – 7-8/11/17 – Criminal Damage – Nearside window of car smashed with a pellet from an air gun or similar.
  • Helpston, Church Ln – 12/11/17 – Criminal Damage – Windows and Doors damaged to a boarded up building.
  • Helpston, West St – 12-13/11/17 – Business Burglary – Village Hall broken into overnight and access gained.
  • Stamford, London Rd – 3-4-11-17 – Theft – Farm yard accessed and diesel stolen from a tank.
  • Ufford, Main St – 7/11/17 – Residential Burglary – Entry via unlocked side gate, nothing taken but items clearly moved.

Eye and Thorney (crimes and incidents of note reported)

  • Eye, The Crescent– 3/11/17 – Criminal Damage – Damage caused to a bed.
  • Eye, A47 Hodney – 10/11/17 – Criminal Damage – Mini bus containing children struck a large concrete block believed to have been thrown off footbridge into carriageway.
  • Eye, A47 Hodney – 10/11/17 – Criminal Damage – Vehicle struck a large concrete block believed to have been thrown off footbridge into carriageway causing damage to car.
  • Eye, Crowland Rd – 10-11/11/17 – Business Burglary – window smashed to gain entry and various items stolen.
  • Eye, Peterborough Rd – 13/11/17 – Theft – Power cables and generators stolen from outside.
  • Thorney, Whittlesey RD – 1/11/17 Criminal Damage – 25 tombstones knocked over in various locations in the cemetery.
  • Thorney, Woburn Drive – 2/11/17 – ToMV – Moped taken during daylight hours from front of house.
  • Thorney, North Bank – 3/11/17 – Criminal Damage – Rock thrown at car causing damage to windscreen.
  • Thorney, North Bank – 3/11/17 – Criminal Damage – Stones thrown at car causing damage.
  • Thorney, North Bank – 3/11/17 – Criminal Damage – Group of youths throwing at car causing scratches.
  • Thorney, Old Knarr Fen Drove – 8-9/11/17 – Business Burglary – Cans of Herbicide stolen from an outbuilding that has had locks cut through to gain access.
  • Thorney, Wallaces Drove – 10-14/11/17 – Criminal Damage – Gate smashed and field entered, damage caused to crops.
  • Thorney, Wisbech Rd – 01/10/17 – 17/11/17 – Residential Burglary (Shed) – 2 vintage ladies cycles stolen from a shed.                                                                                                                                   

Eye Green, Newborough, Borough Fen and Peakirk (crimes and incidents of note reported)

  • Eye, Crowland Rd – 18/11/17 – Residential Burglary – Caravan broken into and small items stolen.
  • Eye, Crowland Rd – 29/11/17 – Residential Burglary – Caravan broken into and small items of jewellery stolen.
  • Milking Nook, Laws Close – 30/11/17 – TFMV – lock forced on rear of tipper truck, tools etc stolen from rear.

We are trying to increase the membership of @cops and would encourage that you all sign up and gets as many residents as possible to join as well.

It would also be worthwhile for you to sign up to our Neighbourhood Alert System called Ecops, it only takes a few minutes to register and means that you will receive crime alerts for your area as well as witness appeals, community updates and events and lots of other great crime prevention tips.  Simply go to Register today – it’s free!

Amanda Large, Crime Reduction Officer, Cambridgeshire Police (Tel: 07872357768,  Email:


Tallington Level Crossing Closures A1175

Temporary Road Closure


Please note it will be necessary to impose a temporary restriction to all vehicular traffic on the road(s) detailed below. Adequate arrangements will be made to enable pedestrians to access premises in the affected area while works progress.


Essential maintenance works by Network Rail

LOCATION:  Tallington Level Crossing (A1175, O/S Map Ref TF 096 086)


23.05 Hrs 23/12/2017 to 08.50 Hrs 24/12/2017

23.05 Hrs 30/12/2017 to 08.50 Hrs 31/12/2017

23.05 Hrs 27/1/2018 to 08.50 Hrs 28/1/2018

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE:A1175, A15, A151,A6121,A1175 & Vice Versa

If you have any queries, or require further information, please contact the LCC Customer Service Centre on 01522 782070.

Torpel Manor Book Published

A new book has been published about Torpel Manor in our parish.  The book is Torpel Manor: The Biography Of a Landscape by Frieda Gosling, Steven P. Ashby and Aleksandra McClain.  (ISBN 978-1-9997880-0-1).

The book is the result of an extended collaboration between the local communities of the villages of Helpston, Bainton and Ufford, and staff from the Department of Archaeology, University of York.  It has been made possible by the support of the Langdyke Countryside Trust and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Available from Walkers in Stamford.

Amazon link

High Field Road, Ashton ~ Incidents

There were a number of incidents starting on 25th August where two men attempted to stop motorists and engaged in aggressive behavior.

Please contact the police on 101 as soon as possible if you spot anyone acting suspiciously in the area.  Do not engage with the people involved.  Our PCSO, Michael Courtney-Hunt (, 07525227482), is now aware of all the reported incidents and is keen to prevent this happening again.  Please contact Michael if you spot anything suspicious and let your Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator know.  The Parish Council will monitor the police response.

New Councillor ~ Anita Phillips

We welcome Anita Phillips who has joined Bainton & Ashton Parish Council.  Anita lives in Berry Cottage, Ashton and will be responsible for planning matters.

Upgrade of Bainton & Bainton Green level crossings ~ July 2018

I am writing to advise you of a Network Rail project that is upgrading two level crossings near to the Stamford area. The two crossings are Bainton Automatic Half Barrier (AHB), which is located on Tallington Road and Bainton Green Automatic Half Barrier, which is located on King Street.

Both crossings are being upgraded to Manually Controlled Barrier crossings with Obstacle Detection (MCB-OD) which will replace the life-expired equipment that is in situ at present. MCB-OD crossings provide a much greater level of safety to vehicular users, pedestrians and train passengers and crew.

The main benefits of these upgrades will be:

  • There will be four level crossing barriers as opposed to the two that are currently in situ. This will prevent vehicles and pedestrians swerving round the barriers when the road traffic lights are showing a red aspect and will ultimately reduce the potential of a collision with an oncoming train.
  • These crossings have an Obstacle Detection system which utilises RADAR and LIDAR to scan the crossing for any obstruction, before lowering the barriers and clearing the signal, allowing a train to proceed over the crossing.

Commissioning of the new crossings are planned in for July 2018 and in order to enable Network Rail to carry out this work as safely and efficiently as possible, we will need to close the roads for a short period of time.

We plan to close Tallington Road (Bainton crossing) from 14/07/2018 until 23/07/2018 and King Street (Bainton Green crossing) from 14/07/2018 until 30/07/2018. We have been liaising with Peterborough City Council Highway Services regarding this and will submit our application for road closures three months prior to the required dates.

Network Rail will formally consult all details of this project with you at a later date however this is just a courtesy email to advise you of our plans at this early stage.

If you would like any more information regarding this project or have any queries or concerns then please don’t hesitate to contact me using the details below.

Kind Regards


Ross Kerr

Scheme Project Manager

Network Rail | Infrastructure Projects

George Stephenson House

York | YO1 6JT

T: 07515 626127



Speeding through Bainton

A Speedwatch survey held outside the Reading Room on 8th May 2017 found that 16 vehicles out of 120 (13%) were travelling at 35 mph or more in the 30 mph zone through the village.  These drivers will be contacted by the police.  It is estimated that about 50% of vehicles travelling past he Reading Rooms are exceeding the 30 mph limit.


It’s 30 for a reason

The difference of a few miles per hour can mean the difference between life and death. The faster someone is driving, the less time they have to stop if something unexpected happens.

If you kill someone while speeding, you will have to live with the long-term emotional consequences.

Speed limits are there for a reason.

The facts

  1. Speed is one of the main factors in fatal road accidents
  2. In 2013, 3,064 people were killed or seriously injured in crashes where speed was a factor
  3. The risk of death is approximately four times higher when a pedestrian is hit at 40mph than at 30mph
  4. Fatal accidents are four times as likely on rural “A” roads as urban “A” roads


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