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Stay fit to stay independent

Doing the right type of strengthening exercises is important.  For older people, ‘strength and balance exercises’, which strengthen the muscles in the legs and improve balance and co-ordination, have been specifically proven to help people stay strong and steady. 

Other activities known to help build and maintain strength are resistance training, ball games, racket sports, dance and Nordic walking. Tai Chi, Yoga and cycling are good for balance as well as bones and muscles. 

We all want to continue to enjoy our lives as we get older, such as playing with grandchildren and socialising with friends. Simple strength and balance exercises twice a week are a proven way to keep you stronger for longer, independent and enjoying the great things in life.  You can attend Stronger for Longer exercise classes, or you can do the exercises yourself at home.  Find out more on this page.

Local Energy Advice Partnership home visits ~ Are you eligible?

Please click on this link for details

GES are currently promoting and delivering LEAP – Local Energy Advice Partnership home visits: working with Peterborough City Council’s Home Service Delivery Team along with AgilityECO the funder of the scheme. We visit referred customers in their home, do an assessment and offer immediate help which includes installation of simple energy saving measures such as draught proofing or LED lightbulbs, we provide energy efficiency advice and help them search for better energy tariffs.  The eligibility criteria of these home energy visit is very wide reaching and lots of residents in your community will be eligible.

Who are we?  GES are the subsidiary of the environmental charity PECT

Here’s an over view of what happens on a FREE home energy visit:-

We fit up to 10 LED lightbulbs!

We can fit draughtproofing to doors, windows, letterboxes, chimney balloons, radiator reflectors

We can refer on to IncomeMax if someone is unsure if they qualify for benefits

We can switch energy tariffs to find cheaper deals

We refer into the City Councils Care and Repair scheme

We arrange new gas central heating for those without (1st time central heating), subject to survey

We arrange for cavity wall and loft insulation to be fitted

We give energy efficiency advice to residents

Plus lots lots more

This scheme is available to residents in Peterborough and Rutland. 

Our energy advisors are available to give presentations to community groups, attend events and answer any energy related questions you may have.

Mambo Jambo are coming to Bainton!

Mambo Jambo!

‘Musical sunshine from a multi-talented and multi-instrumental duo.’ Leeds Gig Guide
‘Mambo Jambo are great for community venues, pitching the entertainment and participation just right for a village audience. We loved it.’ Sue Carverhill, Northants Touring Arts
‘Outstanding musicians with a programme to suit all’ Kettlestone Village Hall, Arts East
‘A super show full of music and good stories.  Appealed to our audience from 18 years to 93 years young – a fabulous night. Would definitely recommend!’ Maplebeck Village Hall 

Mambo Jambo are coming to Bainton!

Saturday October 26 at St Mary’s Parish Church, 7.00 for 7.30 pm

Tickets £10 in advance £12 at the door.

Licensed bar

For tickets contact

  • Susie Lucas at Gamekeepers Cottage,, 01780740159, mobile 07872645961
  • Pam McNeish at Blue Boar,, 01780740749

Local Transport Plan public consultation ends on 27th September 2019

We would like to remind you that public consultation ends on the 27th September. 

All information is online (tiny and we have uploaded an executive summary as well. A full list of projects for each District can be found at the end of the Draft LTP. You can also look into the policies, which are a separate document. Physical copies are available in the events locations for you to consult.

Barnack Road ~ Overgrown Hedge

Both Peterborough City Council and the Parish Council are well aware that the footway along Barnack Road from the start of the 30mph to the start of the garden at Hambleton House is badly obstructed by overgrown vegetation.  This is has given rise to a dangerous situation where pedestrians are forced to walk in the busy road.  It is the responsibility of the landowner to keep the path clear.  A landowner claimed responsibility for this vegetation a few years ago but the land has since been unregistered. 

Peterborough City Council have written to the previous landowner asking if he still retained the land but no reply has been received.

Peterborough City Council have asked Aragon services to visit the site and supply them with a quotation to cut back the short section of hedge prior to the wall, trim back the trees and overgrowing ivy on the wall to make the footpath usable.

Current budgets do not include vegetation, no owner means Peterborough City Council cannot claim the money back so they will have to fund this, in the same light they will not be touching the wall, this has shown no further signs of deterioration and with no current claimant would be a cost that we could not fund.

Peterborough City Council will only pay for the minimum work required to open the full footway but once they can find a way to prove the identity of the landowner then their legal team can take action.

Peterborough City Council will raise another order for Aragon to do additional cuts until they get a land owner resolution. This will be coming out of the already small maintenance budget so they will be looking at around a 6 month revisit which is twice a many cuts as it has had in previous years, once the vegetation has been cut back they can then assess the level of siding out that is required and get that done also.

The Highways Inspector will keep an eye out for when the work has been done and then regularly as he passes to check the regrowth, letters will have to sent out to the remaining land owners between Barnack and Bainton to remind them to keep their section clear also.

The Highways Inspector will get the Tallington road signs overgrowth dealt with.

Documents published for 2018/19 Annual Return

The documents for the 2018/19 Annual Return can be downloaded via this link.

  • Certificate of Exemption.
  • Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Annual Governance & Accountability Return (Exempt Authority)
  • Annual Internal Audit Report 2018/19


Bainton Speedwatch Latest

We welcome two new members to the Bainton Speedwatch team of volunteers.  New members are always welcome.  Please contact Cliff Stanton if you would like to join.

The Bainton Speedwatch team of volunteers took part in the police Speedwatch Week of Action.  Two sessions were held.  The first was held outside Bainton Reading Room on Monday afternoon.  120 vehicles were recorded in an hour travelling from the Barnack direction of which 4 (3%) were travelling at 35mph or more. The highest speed was a white VW at 44mph in the 30mph zone.

On Friday afternoon 151 vehicles were recorded in an hour as travelling from Helpston.  16 vehicles were recorded as travelling at 35mph or above in the 30mph limit (11%).  Of these, three cars were travelling at 41mph in the 30mph zone.  The police will be contacting the registered keepers of all vehicles recorded as travelling at 35mph or over.

Dangerous driving covers the below:

  • driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • driving with no insurance or without a licence
  • speeding or careless driving
  • driving an unroadworthy vehicle
  • driving whilst using a mobile device

Anyone with information is urged to contact police either online at or call 101.

More details about Speedwatch can be found at:

· (National) (Cambridgeshire Constabulary)

Parish Council ~ Latest News

Bainton and Ashton Parish Council (BAPC) met on 8 May in the Reading Room with 16 parishioners present. Refreshments were provided and we began with the Annual Villages Meeting where reports from BAPC, Allotment Association, Buttercross Club, Bainton Reading Room, Neighbourhood Watch and Speedwatch were presented. Detail of the reports will be available in due course and as usual on notice boards and on the website as will the minutes of the ordinary BAPC meeting that followed.

In the meantime we report:

The retirement of Graham Fletcher as chair of BAPC. At the end of the Annual Meeting Graham announced his retirement and resignation as chair and as a councillor. This marks the end of 10 years of dedicated, solid, distinguished, unfaltering service to our community in the BAPC chair during which time Graham missed just one council meeting. Outside the regular statutory meetings, Graham’s incredible personal contribution utilising sizeable portions of his own time, thought, energy and his sheer physical effort cannot be overstated. We thank him most sincerely on behalf of all parishioners for having our villages at the very top of his priority list all these years. Graham, BAPC will miss you but we wish you a long and happy future life in Bainton.


Bainton and Ashton in Bloom

We are delighted to learn that our bid to the Communites Fund at Peterborough City Council has been reviewed and approved. We are one of only five community projects awarded in the first round of competitive bid assessments by the Peterborough Together Partnership Board. The full official summary description states:

“Bainton and Ashton Parish Council – £1,637.86 to bring together young and old residents to create a colourful spring bloom for all local people and walkers/cyclists.  The project will specifically seek to involve families with children, elderly residents at risk of isolation/loneliness and social housing residents not already involved in village activity. Plantings will be on show and a series of village open days will take place in spring 2020 to establish a wider community partnership and enable local people, invited groups and passing walkers/cyclists to enjoy some colour at a usually grey time of year.” 

We thank Bainton resident David Hare for the idea and his detailed plans that formed the basis of the bid. Watch out for further information from David and BAPC in the next Parish News.


Other items

Planning notices reviewed:

·      Poplar Farm, Bainton Green Road, Ashton. 19/00416/HHFUL and 19/00416/HHFUL. Two storey and single storey rear extensions, erection of a pergola at the rear and demolition of barn.

·      Swallows’ Rest, Ufford Road, Bainton.19/00446/CTR Sycamore tree – fell

·      1 St Marys Close, Bainton. 19/00581/HHFUL. First floor extension over attached garage, single storey front extension and erection of detached garage

A further vacancy arises following the resignation Graham Fletcher. Notices will be posted but if anyone is interested in joining BAPC please do not hesitate to contact Catherine (clerk) or councillors Susie Lucas, Cliff Stanton and/or Chris Womack who will be happy to provide you with more information and answer any queries.

BAPC welcomes input from parishioners whether in writing, in person directly to councillors and you are very welcome in fact positively encouraged, to attend our regular meetings. At each meeting there is an opportunity for residents to speak and the next meeting is on Tuesday 2 July at 7.30pm in Bainton Reading Room.

Past News