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We welcome two new members to the Bainton Speedwatch team of volunteers.  New members are always welcome.  Please contact Cliff Stanton if you would like to join.

The Bainton Speedwatch team of volunteers took part in the police Speedwatch Week of Action.  Two sessions were held.  The first was held outside Bainton Reading Room on Monday afternoon.  120 vehicles were recorded in an hour travelling from the Barnack direction of which 4 (3%) were travelling at 35mph or more. The highest speed was a white VW at 44mph in the 30mph zone.

On Friday afternoon 151 vehicles were recorded in an hour as travelling from Helpston.  16 vehicles were recorded as travelling at 35mph or above in the 30mph limit (11%).  Of these, three cars were travelling at 41mph in the 30mph zone.  The police will be contacting the registered keepers of all vehicles recorded as travelling at 35mph or over.

Dangerous driving covers the below:

  • driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • driving with no insurance or without a licence
  • speeding or careless driving
  • driving an unroadworthy vehicle
  • driving whilst using a mobile device

Anyone with information is urged to contact police either online at or call 101.

More details about Speedwatch can be found at:

· (National) (Cambridgeshire Constabulary)

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