Barnack Road ~ Overgrown Hedge

Both Peterborough City Council and the Parish Council are well aware that the footway along Barnack Road from the start of the 30mph to the start of the garden at Hambleton House is badly obstructed by overgrown vegetation.  This is has given rise to a dangerous situation where pedestrians are forced to walk in the busy road.  It is the responsibility of the landowner to keep the path clear.  A landowner claimed responsibility for this vegetation a few years ago but the land has since been unregistered. 

Peterborough City Council have written to the previous landowner asking if he still retained the land but no reply has been received.

Peterborough City Council have asked Aragon services to visit the site and supply them with a quotation to cut back the short section of hedge prior to the wall, trim back the trees and overgrowing ivy on the wall to make the footpath usable.

Current budgets do not include vegetation, no owner means Peterborough City Council cannot claim the money back so they will have to fund this, in the same light they will not be touching the wall, this has shown no further signs of deterioration and with no current claimant would be a cost that we could not fund.

Peterborough City Council will only pay for the minimum work required to open the full footway but once they can find a way to prove the identity of the landowner then their legal team can take action.

Peterborough City Council will raise another order for Aragon to do additional cuts until they get a land owner resolution. This will be coming out of the already small maintenance budget so they will be looking at around a 6 month revisit which is twice a many cuts as it has had in previous years, once the vegetation has been cut back they can then assess the level of siding out that is required and get that done also.

The Highways Inspector will keep an eye out for when the work has been done and then regularly as he passes to check the regrowth, letters will have to sent out to the remaining land owners between Barnack and Bainton to remind them to keep their section clear also.

The Highways Inspector will get the Tallington road signs overgrowth dealt with.