Dear Neighbour,

You will have heard about the number of people who are having to self-isolate due to the Covid-19 crisis. Some of this “shielded” group are able to cope with the help of family and friends, however others do not have a support network and are in immediate need of help. There is also a wider group of vulnerable people who are in need of support, such as disabled people, carers and the homeless.

A huge relief organisation has been put together to deal with the needs of these people. Currently, supplies of non-perishables are being transported to a warehousing facility in the centre of the county of Cambridgeshire and this will continue to take place for the foreseeable future.

What we are seeing is that the supplies being received to-date are quite limited and do not cover the full range of goods a family would normally need. We are therefore asking for your assistance, and generosity, as part of a county-wide pilot scheme, in providing any of the following items:

  • Non-perishable foodstuffs for families: rice, pasta, pulses, tinned vegetables, beans, tinned fruit, condiments (e.g. mustard)
  • Children: toys, books, board games, puzzles
  • Babies: nappies, powdered milk (These are particularly required)
  • Pets: dried and tinned food (Also particularly required)
  • Other: CDs, DVDs, books for adults


Please put any (even if it’s just one item that’s fine) of the above in a bag and tie it with a yellow, or other brightly coloured ribbon and leave it at your property entrance/front gate on Monday morning. A collection will take place from 9:00am onwards for onward transportation to the warehouse. This collection will be repeated every Monday while the current situation lasts.


Irene Walsh

Cabinet Member for Communities

Peterborough City Council

Anita Phillips

Parish Councillor and Good Neighbours Scheme Lead

07725 855492

Susie Lucas

Parish Council Chair

01780 740159

Please note that, in the interests of public safety, this will be a one-off leaflet drop. More details and updates will soon be available on the Parish Council website: or on the Facebook page: baintonandashton, or the community website:

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