Parish Councillors are elected every 4 years.  Where there are more posts than candidates then the election is automatic for anyone who has stood for election. If the council should be undermanned, (less than 5 members), then the council has the power to co-opt further members without a formal election.

The next round of elections will be in May 2020 and any members of the Villages are welcome to approach the parish Clark and request the relevant forms to put themselves forward for election.
There are over 80,000 local Councillors in England. They are volunteers and are be held accountable by local people for things that happen locally.

So why get involved? You almost certainly want to do something positive and, like most Councillors, you hope to make a difference by influencing decisions that affect your community.

Your councillors are working together in the council to serve your community. Your task is to bring local issues to the attention of the council, and help it make decisions on behalf of the local community