Garden Waste (Brown Bin) Schedule Changes – March to August 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update:

Anyone signed up to receive garden waste collections will no longer need to renew this service in April. Subscriptions will automatically be extended until July free of charge and the recurring direct debits will be paused.​

During this period no new subscribers will be able join the service and collections frequency will reduce to monthly. This will enable the council and Aragon Direct Services to prioritise collection of Green Recycling, Black Residual and Grey Food Caddie bins for all residents. 

Changes to collection schedule during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Garden Waste (brown bin) collections will be moving to a four-weekly schedule to ensure during this time refuse services can be maintained to all residents as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • The day of the week your collection takes place will remain the same but your garden waste will only get collected once every 4 weeks. 
  • No extra garden waste placed by the side of the bin will be collected – as it would slow the crews down and mean more resources would be needed to collect the garden waste.
  • Bin lids must be shut and bins not overflowing – they can become off-balanced when being tipped into the collection vehicle. This can lead to them falling off and injuring people. We want to protect our staff and members of the public.
  • Garden Waste should not be placed in the refuse bin – we will do everything to ensure collections of refuse continue, however, if there is a delay, residents may need spare capacity in there refuse bin. It would be sensible to priorities other waste.
  • Missed Collections – we will try to ensure your collection is made, however, if we are required to move staff onto Black or Green bin rounds to maintain core services, unfortunately, we may have to cancel Garden waste collections and these will not be returned for.
  • Our collection crews are key workers doing and vital job, please support them in their role by driving safely near them – we have weekly regular reports of cars driving on pavements to get round vehicles or sitting too close to the back of the trucks. Our staff have been hit on numerous occasion by cars driving on pavements. Please be patient and help to keep them safe.
  • Please ensure that bins are placed out by 6.45am on your collection day

Collection dates for Wittering, Wothorpe, Thornhaugh, Wansford, Sutton, Castor, Ailsworth, Marholm, Bainton, Barnack, Ashton, Ufford, Pilsgate:

  • Tuesday 21st April 2020
  • Tuesday 19th May 2020
  • Tuesday 16th June 2020
  • Tuesday 14th July 2020
  • Tuesday 11th August 2020.

Please see Peterborough City Council’s web site for further details about this service.–covid—–2-0



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