John Clare Countryside Project – Onward from Bainton and Ashton in Bloom.

I am sure that you were pleased with the outcome of your planting last October,

as the ‘Spring Show’ added colour and brightness to otherwise grey days.

I also received many favourable comments from locals and from surrounding villagers.

Bainton and Ashton In Bloom has a modest budget to continue planting in October 2020 and beyond and I look forward to your support again. It would be great, at the time, if we could encourage more young people to be involved.

Bainton and Ashton In Bloom has set us thinking about our local built and natural environment. So how do we go forward and progress our work?

Many residents attended the Parish Council meeting in January when Richard Astle, Chair of the Langdyke Trust spoke about the John Clare Countryside project. Bainton and Ashton Parish Council along with many other parish councils in the area is offering full support to the John Clare Countryside project. You can find the details of the project and all about the Langdyke Trust on their web site at

Over the coming months, parish councils will begin to form 10-year nature recovery plans for the publicly managed areas only, as part of this project. As you will have seen on your daily exercise during lockdown, we have fantastic countryside, nature and built environment in Bainton and Ashton. We would like residents to celebrate what we already have and contribute their ideas as to what they would like to see in the future to enhance our local environment. The Parish Council and I are talking about this and will share the next steps with you. Cliff Stanton (01780 749123) is the parish councillor heading this project and will be pleased to receive any suggestions that you may have.

David Hare