Thank you Bainton and Ashton residents!

Bainton and Ashton Parish Council Good Neighbours Scheme gets to work.

Late in March, Bainton and Ashton Parish Council were contacted by Peterborough City Council to ask if our Good Neighbours’ Scheme could pilot a joint project to help the work of the newly formed ‘Peterborough Covid-19 hub’.

The idea was to channel the efforts of local people who wanted to help those who do not have a support network and are in immediate need of help. 

Donations were to be collected via what is being called the “Bright Ribbon Campaign’ and distributed to vulnerable families and the Peterborough Food Bank operated by the Kingsgate Church. It was decided that the scheme would start on Monday the 6th of April and donations were safely collected that morning from houses throughout Bainton and Ashton using a minimum number of volunteers.  A big thank you to them!

In that first week an astonishing total of 170 kilos items were donated, including not only food, but toys, games, and books for children stuck at home. A sincere thank you to all our residents.

Goods are assembled at Hawthorn Farm in Ashton from where they are collected by a Peterborough City Council truck for distribution. Collections continue to be repeated each Monday from 9.00 am. The immediate response was so generous that we don’t expect the same volume every week but anything that people can spare will be welcome and following our successful pilot the Peterborough City Council are contacting other villages to see if they too would like to join in the effort.

So please, if you’d like to join in, leave something by your gate in a bag on a Monday before nine a.m., ideally with coloured ribbon attached. We seem to have enough toys books and DVD’s for now, but would still appreciate non-perishable foodstuffs like pasta, rice, pulses, tinned vegetables and fruit, and condiments like sauces and mustard. We’d particularly appreciate baby care items like nappies and powdered milk, and any kind of pet food product. 

Residents can feel justifiably proud of the efforts they are making. You are all stars! Very best wishes and stay safe!

Susie Lucas,Parish Council Chair – 01780 740159 –

Anita Philips, Parish Councillor and Good Neighbours Scheme Lead – 07725 855492 –

Irene Walsh , Peterborough City Cabinet Council for Communities –