Would you like to join the Bainton & Ashton Speedwatch Team?

We have a small dedicated team of volunteers who man the Speedwatch sessions.  We have to have three trained volunteers at each session.  The frequency of the sessions depends on whether we have three trained volunteers available at any one time.  We will be able to hold sessions more frequently if we had a larger pool of volunteers to draw from.

Each session usually lasts an hour and we log the details of vehicles passing at 35mph or above.  These details are emailed to the police who will write to the owners of the vehicles reminding them of their responsibility.  The details are also entered onto a national police database and drivers caught for the third time anywhere in the country or exceeding the limit by a large amount will receive a visit from the police.  The aim is not to prosecute the drivers but to educate them.  The police take notice of our reports and use them to plan enforcement sessions where they may prosecute offending drivers.

The relationship between speed and injury severity is particularly critical for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. For example, pedestrians have been shown to have a 90% chance of survival when struck by a car travelling at 20mph or below, but less than 50% chance of surviving an impact at 30mph. Pedestrians have almost no chance of surviving an impact at 50mph.  We have recorded speeds in excess of 50mph in Bainton and regularly report vehicles travelling at more than 40mph through the village.

Please contact me if you would like more details.  I will arrange for you to have a short training session with the police if you would like to join us.  It should be stressed that once trained, the volunteers only take part at times suitable to themselves.

This national Community Speedwatch site gives some interesting live statistics from Speedwatch groups.


Cambridgeshire Constabulary Speedwatch site is here:


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